In the Quiet

I sit in the quiet of the morning; the sun beats on the conservatory and I think about my writing life. ❤

I think about all the things that have happened and that I want to happen… and the things that are happening right now. And I am truly grateful. For it all. This includes the hard times for making me what and who I am today. ❤

I truly believe we have to picture in our mind and feel in our soul the goals we have set for ourselves and our life. We have to see these things as being true right now and feel the way that feels as if it is your life right now. I learned this a long time ago but it’s easy to slip out of thinking that way. So I have started to do that again. I am living my dream every day.

There is something written on one of the many inspirational signs I have on my wall, about my workspace, that I took from the book, The Secret. It reads:

Everything you want — all the joy, love, abundance, prosperity, bliss — it’s there, ready for you to grab hold of… the universe will deliver every single thing you’ve ever wanted — if you BELIEVE. Embrace everything you want and it will be yours.’

I don’t think we can magically conjure the life we desire, but I think we can live and feel as if we are, as if we have it and are living it. Feel the energy of that happy place. Then I think the universe shifts; so don’t focus on the bad things or the things you fear will happen. Positive energy is far more powerful than negative. I think the things we need to make that the reality will now come to us. The right opportunities; be that a letter, a phone call, a ‘seemingly’ chance meeting with a stranger who has or knows what you need. Or maybe you wake up with the idea that sets the ball rolling (to coin the proverbial cliché!).

I think we need to change our thinking from negative to positive, and we have the power to do that just by programming the way we think. See the beauty in the moment and not the pain or the fear. Try it and see what happens.

That is my message for today as we move into the weekend and all the wonderful things we hope it will bring… or should I say we KNOW it will bring.

Happy writing, happy editing, happy reading… happy life, whatever you do. Think happy thoughts.

The world is yours for the taking. Don’t be afraid. ❤



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  1. Yes, I agree with this, Debz. All good things are waiting for us if we believe. Happy weekend to you as well. xx

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