A Life That’s Full

When I think about it I have been sat writing and plotting and editing in front of my computer for a good few years now. And happily I must add. But just lately I have been thinking about holidays and my social life and the kind of things I love to do best that are away from my computer. You know I think it’s hanging out with good friends; going out for lunch or for coffee; taking in the surroundings, having fun, enjoying people.

I don’t have the most active social life I agree but I do have one and I do enjoy these simple pleasures. I was also thinking about how much I would love a short little holiday. I never crave the clubby Ibiza scene and never have; a little Tuscan village maybe, a little arty place with cafés and bookshops. We might plan something for later this year, pennies permitting, but I have a feeling it might be a little more ‘package’ sunshine and hotel. But not all lazy days by a pool as I get too hot… but time to read sounds good. Maybe one day chilling, one day exploring. As long as there are little shops and cafés; maybe a bit of yoga on the beach… and it will be enough to heal, restore and redress the balance of our busy lives. So that’s what’s been on my mind these past couple of days… so just sharing, as you do ❤

So onwards with more writing and editing today and then the gym this afternoon.

Life is to be lived and relished and enjoyed and it doesn’t matter if it’s on a budget because truly the very best pleasures come from people… and I am blessed with some wonderful friends and a lovely man. Thanks for being in my life. That is all.




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  1. Glad you’ve found someone to share your life with, as you’re such a loving and bubbly person. Happy days. xx

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