You truly have to believe in YOU

I often think about my own writer’s journey when I read about what others have done. I had two conversations recently with writer friends about the life of the successful well-known writer; about the needs and expectations if fame hits.

I said I did not think fame sounded as though it was hitting anytime soon and that was not my goal; not fame per se but of course for my stories to be known enough to touch more people.

What about travelling the world for book signings etc. they asked me. Well if it happens then it happens and I would surely embrace it. But I also pointed out that I am a ‘home bird’ and with my animals, my gym and my friends… and of course now my lovely man a life on the road was not really something I craved. But I would do what was needed. I see my mission in life as being in charge of my own destiny… well as much as that’s possible. I feel as if I created the life I love and so will make sure that stays… even if it changes form.

Embrace change. Embrace the future. Embrace happiness. That is my true mission. And that means success is not measured by pennies in the bank but by the feeling inside… right? And with success the pennies follow as a natural result anyway 🙂

Have a great Tuesday. I know I intend to. Bring. It. On…


Looking ahead always...


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