Whoop to Friday

Not a bad week; lots of work done; new story coming along and I got to properly workout at the gym and I ache now which is a good thing! DOMS!

So plans for the weekend?

I will be out and about with the man and at his so no blog Monday morning. I will be working Sunday as usual though, but I so love my Saturdays. ❤

Today I will be working hard as usual. Not a lot to report really.

I did see a nice short write-up about my talk at the local school that the teacher kindly dropped off for me (below) and there was also the winning story chosen from the children I worked with which I have to say is excellent… well done to the Year 7s! This came on the day the man showed me a wonderful glossy magazine called Natural from 1998 (one of many in fact but he only seems to have this one) when he was on the cover and inside; a whole feature about him being a British Bodybuilding Champion and model! Well maybe I am not quite in the same league but we all have to start somewhere! 😉 I might even share that as well one day!

So I want to wish you all an AMAZING weekend; one of my great friends celebrates her 48th birthday today; known her since junior school when she changed schools, having moved from London and was sat with me! Friends ever since… and another friend I have known from infants turns 48 tomorrow! Whoop to birthdays… and who says we’re getting old? Never! Not us, eh girls?

I remember when we were in Year 7… only we didn’t call it Year 7 then… and in this same school as it happens before they changed its name and rebuilt some of it!!! Memories…


Word Book Day


Have a great weekend; back Tuesday!



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