Simple pleasures

I am always a keen advocate on healthy body leads to healthy mind and that is why it has been frustrating for me not to be at the gym. So I was delighted when I popped in yesterday and the lovely Dave said I was more than welcome to now use some of the upper body machines and pec deck etc. as I do not need to weight bear for these!

So I was thinking I can also use the training room and do a bit of yoga and the belly stuff I am doing at home! So the man is going to train me two or three afternoons a week! Yay!

I do think it’s important to stay healthy and to keep our bodies in shape. It is the very best thing I ever did for myself and the gym will now always be a part of my life.

So if the man can fit me into his schedule this afternoon I hope to have a training session at the gym! Whoop! I might still do a bit here this morning too, in case he can’t do it and if he can… double whammy!

So best get some work done first then!

So if you can, take time out for exercise, if only a gentle walk!

That is all… creativity needs a healthy body as well as a healthy mind… don’t forget that!

Man on treadmill with one leg in a cast.


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