Working Hard

Great workshop on Saturday… or at least it seemed that our little group of eight Canvey Writers all enjoyed it. Couple of pics below.

We talked about what to do with your stories once completed; how to see those issues in it. One of the things from this I will talk to you about is structure; since the first step in the BIG second edit is to think about just that; the shape and does it work?

One of the things we tend to get bogged down with is overcorrecting and playing with the narrative and we don’t stand back to look at the bigger picture. We also often find ourselves ‘trapped inside’ our own stories. By this I mean we have framework that is our story, but sometimes to make it really work and to fix issues with it, we have to deconstruct it. We have to ‘decreate’ characters… is that even a word… uncreate… lose, kill off. And we tend to get a little precious with that. We find ourselves editing inside the framework we’ve made, even if it isn’t quite right. We tell ourselves something can’t happen even though we might actually need it to to make a better story, because this happened; or the character is this… when really we need to pull it apart and rebuild. Once you change one major plot point, then the rest, a little like a house of cards, starts to fall and becomes unstable. However, what we forget is that when we do reconstruct it we often build it stronger. So the message on that one is not to simply fortify the structure with a make-shift this will do edit… but if it needs it, take it apart.

Tear it down, to rebuild it stronger

So think about where you are with your own editing. Are you going over the same bits again and again and writing in commas, taking them out, adding semicolons, taking out sentences, when actually you night need to lose the whole scene?

Editing is not an exact science, but it is a vital part of the process, it is process so don’t think once the first draft is done, you’re done, or even almost done. Now the work truly begins.

No blog tomorrow as an early appointment but I will back Wednesday 🙂

Have a truly productive and truly happy week and remember to be grateful for all you have.


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