All in the Prep

I remember when standing up in a room full of people or running some kind of class was a pretty daunting experience. But in time it just becomes second nature, the more you do it, the easier it becomes until you don’t really think about. I am really looking forward to running my workshop tomorrow for writers in Essex. We only have a small group but in many ways that means we will have more time for feedback and in-depth discussion. But I always make sure I’m prepared. Handouts are ready; I have been through it a couple of times, food is sorted, key to room to be collected later. Preparation is vital; it dispels uncertainty and nerves.

Creative writing workshops come in many forms and some, I have to say, are better than others. The worry is that they tend to focus on the same things and that’s because when it comes to writing there are key things we have to discuss. But can we see those things in our own writing? Can we identify filler or ‘business’ dialogue, can we see exposition dumps or meandering viewpoints? The biggie: is this showing or telling?

So the aim of this workshop is to empower writers with the tools they need to edit their own work. Since editing is 90% of the writing process and the work truly begins once you finish that first draft, then this is probably the most valuable tool you’ll ever need.

So I will be working on editing, based on pieces we produce in class, a mixture of talking, writing, discussion and in the final half-hour a Fiction Clinic Q&A for anything anyone wants to know about anything writing related. And we will also cover what editors do and the levels of editing as this is something I was asked recently so thought would be useful. I can even talk about the things you need to do to get an agent.

There are still places although I have ordered the sandwiches now but we have enough if anyone still wants to come? You can pay on the day (£25) it starts at 10 tomorrow… but I do need to know if there are any extras to ensure we have enough sandwiches! So please message me or email asap. It’s at St Nicholas Church on Long Road, Canvey Island, plenty of parking. It’s downstairs in the main hall, so plenty of room and it runs until 4 pm. Lunch and refreshments included.

So that’s me: lots of things to do today, working wise and other bits so I wish you all a fabulous Friday and I will report on the workshop with photos I hope on Monday!


Happy Writing!



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