Celebrating Life

I always say, and I mean it, that since rewards as writers do not come every day then we must celebrate all successes.

Yesterday after my workout and feeling a little low with recent things I saw an email about one of the submissions I sent out when I had my recent splurge of eleven short story subs. I had sent some older stories, some new, some new ones and old ones tweaked. Amongst them was a new one called Thinking In Circles that is about a little boy going back to school after something terrible that happened over the summer.

It’s about getting stuck in the same place and it’s about bullying — and there is a definite train theme, and it has a touch of the unknown. So when I saw the Book A Break competition, being run in conjunction with Curtis Bausse Books to win a retreat; theme: Journey, I decided it was worth a go. The story had never been submitted anywhere, but I needed to reduce the word count a fair bit to meet the competition criteria, which I did. It made it sharper for sure.

So an email came congratulating those who had made the anthology and I quickly realised I was amongst them… looked at the website (link below) to see I was a runner-up! Whoop! A huge congrats to winner, Sherry Morris, for her story Green Tights, and other runner-up, Saphia Fleury, for Balancing.

So I did the dance for my baby… first one of the eleven has done good!

Here is a link to website:


Thrilled with the judge’s comments:

‘Thinking in Circles’ is a meticulously crafted story full of suspense and surprise. Even after you discover the final twist, the story invites you to read it again and again. In a way, it’s as much a puzzle as a story…’

Well done to all and I am very happy to be included in this! I feel as if once I apply myself things start to happen again … yay!

So, have a great day all!

Train tracks

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4 responses to “Celebrating Life

  1. Glad to see that it had you dancing, Debz – a well-deserved pat on the back there! And it will be an excellent contribution to the anthology.

  2. Hi Debz

    Jolly well done- great news! Look forward to reading when the anthology comes out. How is the foot doing after your fracture clinic visit?We had a guest speaker, Heather Dyer, at BCWG on Monday and hoping I get enough numbers for the workshops she’s running at my hotel for us in April- fingers crossed!

    I had a really great e mail back from the other writer I’ve been talking to about the novel writing course idea I’ve been talking to you about – very positive.She’s called Julia Forster if you want to look her up .I’m reading her book What A Way To Go at the moment. Met her at Gladstone’s Library Hearth Event.


    She suggested workshop topic areas and a How To Hook An Agent session. All sounded good to me- can forward to you for your thoughts if you have time? If you’re still up for tutoring ( fingers crossed!!) let me know as I need to start thinking about dates and finalising costs/doing some marketing. I already have a booking for some rooms in November for w/c 19th so I would be looking at w/c Sunday 5th or Sunday 12th November I think.

    Let me know what you think when you have chance and also when is it liberation day for the foot?

    Have a great day

    Jo xx


    • All good stuff and I will make a note of the dates… hope to be in my own place by then and so the man can take care of the animals… will be a good test for him!!! Gill is also interested if you need her.

      Foot not healing as fast as they’d hoped so ankle-only purple cast and 4 more weeks on crutches 😦 That will be 8 weeks but then at least it should be good as new… we hope!


  3. congratulations Debz. I look fwd to reading it this weekend

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