Shades of Purple


Purple prose perhaps? 

Although I not a very wordy writer I have to say!

Purple bricks… don’t they sell houses?

Purple cast!

Purple, as it happens, is my favourite colour. It was the shade of my foot when I first broke it and now it is the shade of my new cast, yes still in plaster although strictly speaking it’s plastic these days and not plaster! But yes, foot not healing as they’d hoped, it is healing,  I saw the x-ray and the new bone but the break is still very evident. Because of where it is …  it seems the healing is happening but slowly.

So now a new cast but luckily one that encases just the foot so I can move my ankle (yay!) start bearing some weight through the heel (yay again) and even better… shave the leg! It needed it! First thing I did when I got home… not that I’m shallow or anything! But all of this does still mean crutches and another four weeks before I go back which by then would have been eight weeks. So it should all be healed by then.

But what is a girl to do?

I can at least write and work which I love ❤  Of course, I had fully expected to be mobile and thinking about the gym before easter, but looks like it will be the other side of easter now. These things and all of that.

So what am I doing today?

Well writing, working out (see what else I can not add with a more mobile leg!), and later I will be printing handouts and preparing notes for my workshop this weekend. Not a massive number of writers for it, but enough to make it worthwhile I am certain! Still places if anyone wants to come along?


I am also lining up some writers for some In The Spotlights as not had any of those for a while so if you have a book you want to tell us about then message me!

So that is it for now, folks,… some purple pics just because… and I am not including the one of the very bruised purple foot from four weeks ago as does not seem very inspiring! It might also put you off your cornflakes! But my purple nails (as done last week) and my purple cast (done yesterday) are included.


All Things Purple! Enjoy! ❤




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