Ready for a new week and it’s spring!

From where I’m sitting spring appears to have resprung after looking a little grey and somewhat windy yesterday! What a difference that shine makes to the outlook.

I am getting ready to workout and then write and later I have… wait for it, in fact, it sounds a bit like the name of a horror story: Fracture Clinic! Maybe there’s a medical horror in there about what really happens to all those broken bones! Talking of medical horrors I devoured them as a teenager. Somewhere between the classics and Stephen King, I found medical horror writer, Robin Cook. Remember Coma? I think my favourite was Mindbend. A bunch of doctors and surgeons were sent on all expenses paid cruises by the drug company and came back ‘different’ and all started to work for the same clinic. There was something about these stories that really attracted me: they combined my love of science and all things medical with fiction and I always loved a good mystery. I have often thought about revisiting those books, but I have a feeling my snobby writer in me now might not appreciate them as much as I loved them then, and I almost don’t want to spoil that… know what I mean?

But it does remind me of the power of great writing as a way of escaping and it’s really why I write. Lately, so many other things have got in the way of that and I am either editing for other people or with the man or sleeping! But I am eager to recapture that writing love. Life does sometimes get in the way, and there has been a lot of change and a lot of things happening… but it will all come good in the end:)

So as I prepare to embrace this day, whatever challenges and delights it might bring: I wish you all the best of everything!

Seize the day!

Lazy sit Rosie

Here… have a very cute picture of Rosie doing her very unladylike sit posture!


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