Keep Counting

Short post this morning, apologies for the lack of post yesterday. I decided I needed to hop to the gym first thing and catch up with all my lovely friends! So Mal took me and I laughed! I seem to have done less laughing without the gym so my new mission is to laugh spontaneously and with meaning at as many random moments of the day as I can.

Er… well I might end up being carted off but at least I’ll be laughing!

So today, after some emotions the other way too yesterday and my lovely man doing what he always does and telling me everything will be okay, I awoke this morning to another beautiful morning and a feeling of great optimism!

So here I am blogging, before a little workout and finishing a report, well proofing a report to send off this morning to start another. I must write tomorrow… the new short is begging me and novel next week.

So the message is a simple one: no matter how hard yesterday might have been, today is always another day, and so count.

Not days, not problems, not any of those things: count blessings and DREAM BIG.

Have a wonderful Thursday!




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