When Patience is What we Need… but is Hard to Find

It’s Tuesday. Take a deep breath and look ahead. 🙂

The weekend (and the start to the week) brought a few challenges and now I feel as if everything is a waiting game — but I have to rise above that see what lies ahead; climb the tree to see the view… stunning isn’t it.

My little house is Wales has once again had to have the price lowered, so now it is well below its true value but I need it to sell, more so than ever. It’s time.Fingers crossed that things pick up with the market. Renting it out is not an option now, I need to sell to release funds for our happy future! Patience is something I have in oodles (we need it as writers, don’t we!) but when it seems people think I am not doing enough to sell it (I am!!! Really really I am!) and so start laying down ultimatums on time frames then it just puts me under even more pressure! HELP! Yikes… I might just explode. Let’s be hopeful! The problem with something like an auction (something else I have considered)  is it will sell for far less that its value and so I have also to be realistic if I want us to move on here and have money for a life! So I am resisting this option; also with the advice of my estate agent. He says, ‘Hold fire, the market will pick up.’

Yep… I know this stuff is not directly writing-related, but it is in that challenges all muck about with creativity, right? And all this comes at a time when everything feels a little mixed up for me; broken foot, so no gym… the other half has some health issues… we want our own place so much… for both our wellbeing… and so I can refocus my writing in a new creative space. That’s what it’s really all about and at the moment … you know the ‘stuff’ of life seems to get in the way. But know this, good friends out there: I post this because being a writer always does bring many challenges and sometimes, even for me, ever the happy optimist, I must face such hurdles. But I will win because I always do! I will regain my positive mojo. And some people, after all, face far worse challenges.

It’s not an option to move back to Wales, much as I love it… although maybe we need a little trip there to recharge a few batteries? Or even a little trip somewhere closer? But I can’t move back even though it has been ‘suggested’. Firstly I have sold some furniture now, I would have the costs and upheaval of moving, but it’s not that. I do truly love that house, but my life and my partner is here now. I can’t walk away from that. The gym I love and the new friends I love are here. You can’t go back to move forwards, not with something like this.

So after a bad day yesterday… it’s time to look ahead again, breathe in, be thankful, write, edit and love.

Because without love, we have nothing.

Here is the link:

House in Snowdonia

Make me an offer!!!

Thanks for reading!

Have a peaceful and inspiring day!




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