Spring in your Steps

I am sat here this morning with the door open and a light spring time breeze floating into my office.

It’s been an odd week, this confinement to the desk has meant I have worked harder, although the man has taken me out for a change of scenery, but I miss my gym friends.

It’s also been a week of challenges and reevaluation… taking stock of the precious things in our lives ❤

I am keen to get on with some serious writing next week, actually I might write Sunday for a change as I have been so busy with editing work I need to write! Sure you know the feeling.

I feel better for my efforts at working out, amazes me what I have been able to manage and I even have those muscle aches from it… yay!

I am thinking ahead with renewed optimism even though there have been some worries… but we must look ahead to all things happy…

So I wish you a wonderful and peaceful weekend and I will be here Monday with some editing tips perhaps? Anything anyone wants some specific clarification on?


Love this mad photo from when Gill and I were on a writers’ retreat in 2015… must go there again, we loved it!

Swinging with Gill

Debz n Gill (partners in crime at Bridge House!)


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