Work, Rest and Play

I had a lovely weekend at the man’s house, where he lives with his mum and sister. Although I spent most of Sunday working while he slept! Nothing new then! It seems at the moment as if I have a lot of work and not getting a lot of writing done sadly… but it works that way sometimes and since pennies are tight with the house in Wales still draining all my resources then I need to work and am grateful I have it.

This morning I thought I would blog before I do the new workout Mal as written for me… I think I might do it twice a day, arms, bum and tums as this idle life of mine is getting me down! I cannot wait to get this plaster off! I go in two weeks, when it will have been a month since the break and I hope they might remove it, even though I suspect I will be on crutches for a bit longer! These things try us.

But the sun is shining and I am looking ahead to all good things… I said it would be the best year ever and apart from a few set backs it still will be!

Have a great day everyone, whatever you do!

Think Positive


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