World Book Day 2017

Apologies for the lack of blogs, it takes me longer to get going in a cast and I also have had appointments etc. so bear with me as I hobble through these weeks, I will post but not every day!

So yesterday the reason for the lack of post was an early start as I was in the local secondary school for World Book Day, my old secondary school as it happens, although it has changed its name and been rebuilt since I was there!

I wasn’t paid but had agreed to it as I like to encourage and nurture new talent. I don’t agree with always doing these kinds of things for free, but I did offer when I moved here that for a school on the site of my old school, and only two streets away from where I live, and since I had a similar connection to a school in Wales, I was prepared to do this.

I was in the Learning Resource Centre (thankfully on the ground floor) … I did warn them in advance of the broken foot status. I managed to hop there okay! I took two Year 7 classes (top sets) in two back-to-back (well they did treat me to an early lunch in between) two-hour workshops. While I did talk about my journey to success it was a workshop on what makes a story and so we used story arcs and invented characters, gave them conflicts to overcome and plunged them into adventure, bearing in mind, at all times, what the character wants must drive the action. We did not finish the stories (I knew we wouldn’t) but they all know where their stories are heading and will be finishing them! I offered to look at some as well! Brilliant stories I have to say, really impressed with both the standard and how well behaved and interactive and respectful all the children were. Could not have asked for nicer children.

I think it’s great to be able to do this and was impressed I had a real poster (they gave me one to keep as well!) like a proper author… well I am a proper author but you know what I mean! Copy below!

It feels good giving something back and I hope they invite me again.  Lovely card and flowers in thanks too and they said often visiting authors just talk about their own writing so to workshop is great 🙂 And someone like me can go ‘off-curriculum’ and so can provide a different angle to perhaps what the English Department are permitted to do. I had a nice chat to Head of English as well and she was really pleased and asked for a copy of my Powerpoint talk so they can continue the work we started yesterday.

So here are some photos… they did take some with the children but don’t want to put anything on in case parents object (not seen them anyway yet!)

Have a great weekend folks! 🙂

I am at an appointment early Monday so will be back and Blogging Tuesday I hope!


World Book Day at Castle View School, Canvey Island, March 2nd 2017


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