Only one way to write…

…and that’s with passion.

Sometimes we get bogged down with the nitty-gritty and worry if that ought to be semi-colon or is that the right kind of dash…? While these things are important and I do advocate getting these things right for a professional level of polish when you submit work, at the same time when writing that early draft… seriously… just get it down.

The stronger we become as writers the more these things will become a natural instinct anyway, but when you have to stop mid flow when ideas are tumbling through the air, to check if you have used that colon right, you might just spoil that flow.

So get it down and then edit.

Also don’t get into the habit if overpolishing as you go, especially with the longer works. Often the first three chapters of a novel are written and rewritten more than anything else. Then we think, oh wait, lose that character, change that action point and…  now we rewrite it again. While this approach might work for some of you (and after all you have to find the right way for you) for new writers tackling a first novel this means you never get past the third chapter. So just write it, make notes of the plot points you decide you want to change and write as if you have and then make the changes part of the major edit. Often it’s the ‘keep redoing mentality’ in these early stages that cause you to abandon the project eventually!

So yeah… there is only one way to write…

…and that’s with passion.

Keep it flowing folks!

Have a great day everyone!




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