Telling a story

We are all made of stories; in fact what sets humans apart from many other species is our ability to tell stories. It is natural to embellish, alter, change to give them more drama AND a better ending. So we intuitively know what a story is. As children we are very much tapped into that and, of course, are asked to write stories at school. I have a lot to thank my junior school teacher, Mr Pettifer, for — he recognised in me a passion for books and writing and he used to nurture that. He was also an amazing story teller himself. It was at junior school I penned my first novel: The Children of Cragheath Valley.  It even did the rounds with publishers. It was read out in school in sequels as a matter of fact and I won my first writing competition at the tender age of ten!

Next month for Word Book Day I have been invited into the secondary school I went to — although it has changed names and been rebuilt on the old site, where I will talk to Year 7s about writing, about this thing we call story. Think how much stories are part of our lives. Could you get through a single day without telling a story?

What about your entertainment: books? Films? Soaps? TV dramas? Maybe you are off to the theatre… plays, musicals, ballets… even adverts on TV, even songs tell stories.

So, indeed, we are all made of stories.



So what one will you enjoy the most today?



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