If if doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you

I am back!!! And I want to thank everyone for their patience with all the tweets that were not to do with writing… but the gym! And this post is about that before the usual writing posts resume this week!

As many of you know, when I moved back to Canvey to be near the folks, I made a lifestyle choice to join a gym and make it a daily routine. Apart from the obvious health benefits, what I lost in pounds I gained in friends a hundred-fold. And a fella!!! Initially, I used the machines but soon found I needed that extra kick and so started classes. And so now I do about 12 classes a week, a couple of PTs (but that’s because I go out with a personal trainer!).

But the classes for me were really the thing that changed it all around and so I mix it up but I am consistent and have done this for 2 and a half years now. All of what I say about the gym can be related to any avenue of our lives, because something you do every day with passion and determination, even if you don’t feel like it, WILL and DOES get results! Be that write that novel or build those abs.

But I could never have imagined when I joined our fab community gym that I would also set a challenge to do every class on the timetable and be fit enough to do it. But I did, alongside fellow gym member, Raymond Baxter. I thought it would hurt more, I was tired and some of those last classes of the day were pretty damn exhausting, but… WE DID IT. And feel great! Was back at the gym Monday and will be again later today! Now Raymond and I are not young, me 48, him 53, and neither of us were ever gum bunnies before. Raymond has lost 6 and a half stone since he vowed to do this after his wife almost died of cancer. So if we can do this… anyone can! So last week was not the usual mental challenges of writing, but purely physical. But of course healthy body, healthy mind and all of that! We need both to achieve success.

I have to thank everyone at the gym for their overwhelming support, staff and the people shouting us on in the classes, donating to our page or dropping notes and pennies into the bucket… and feeding us! We were burning 3000 calories a day! Now there is an excuse to eat cake 😉

So it was 8 classes Monday, 9 Tuesday, 7 Wednesday and 7 Thursday (some back to back with no short break in between!), 4 Friday and 3 Saturday… ending with my other half’s Stretch and Burn class at 10.30 and by the meditation at the end a massive sense of achievement. Then we were given medals, had cake and a celebration and… well remember I got the Kara Hiskey Inspiration Award at the gym last year, well, and by coincidence, Raymond was this year’s winner and received it after the challenge. It was emotional!

What a cake we also had made (well the lovely owners of the gym did that for us) made by fellow gym member who makes wonderful cakes for a living… oh it was amazing!

So I will leave you with some photos of last week, and the link is still active if you want to donate, there is still time. With what was collected at the gym, we have raised over £700 (with Gift Aid added) so far…

Oh and this is us in the paper…gym-challenge-2017



Link to donate:  https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/LifestyleFitness6DayChallenge


Well deserved winner of Kara Hiskey Award, Raymond Baxter


The end zzz….


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