Just be You

We are all different. We all like different things and we all behave in different ways. But what I have learned with age is to trust my instincts and just be me.

I don’t think I realised how much I had changed from the child who left home for uni all those years ago until I came back. You begin to see who you changed into, but with the right foundations then you have as solid and respectful platform on which you build something. We are a composite of every person we have ever met, and every experience we have ever had.Remember that and also use your own journey to think about your characters’ journeys. I always remember when Stephen King said, even of the most flawed characters (he was talking about Jack Torrance in The Shining) that before hate, come love. He said we all get somewhere because of what happened to us. So when writing even the most evil of antagonists remember that the reader still needs to connect and the journey is how they might do that. So how did they become them… and how did you become you… warts and all!

I am glad what life has taught me and how I have somehow become more liberal and more open-minded than I was before I left home. I have seen more of life and I know I have become less judgemental. I have learned to embrace differences. What about you?

We take some from what our parents teach us and then we learn and we grow from friendship — the right kind. I usually see good in all until proved otherwise. Thankfully it’s rare I am proved otherwise. I have some great friends.

So all I want to say this happy Friday morning is be you and remember to be kind. That is all.


And enjoy the weekend!



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