Healthy Body, Healthy Mind

When we have sedentary jobs, we often neglect our physical wellbeing. For a long time, I  thought walking Rosie was enough exercise when I lived in my house in Wales. But it wasn’t. Where once I had been able to motivate myself to workout at home, and did for many years (in fads!) my mindset was fixed only into the determined, focussed way I wrote and worked, but not on exercise.When you live alone it’s easy to make yourself happy, to reward your hard day’s work with the wrong foods, comfort things. I was never greedy and did not eat huge amounts, I have to say, but I ate the wrong things. Hence my lifestyle ‘forever’ change when I moved. And since September 2014 I have been to the gym at least five days a week; only missing it when ill, away or when the gym is closed… and I do it without thinking about it.

So, now I feel the need for a greater challenge. A gym buddy of mine, Raymond, who joined the gym in 2015, in fact, I have known him just over a year, really was on a mission to change his life and has lost a HUGE amount of weight; somewhere around six and a half stone. He does a lot of classes and has the mindset that he will never quit. He has changed his life around. All of this was inspired by his wife’s diagnosis of cancer and thankfully after a big op, and months of rehabilitation, is now in remission, she also wanted to change to a new healthy lifestyle.

So, Raymond and I have decided that since cancer has affected both our lives, his wife, me losing my partner to it some eleven years ago, we wanted to challenge ourselves but also raise funds for a good cause; and so we chose a local hospice charity, Havens Hospices who have both the adult hospice, Fairhavens, and the children’s one, Little Havens. My dad was actually involved with Little Havens when it was set up; on the original committee, which I hadn’t realised until I told him the charity we had chosen. We get to visit the children’s one in a couple of weeks’ time.

So Havens Hospices and the funds we hope to raise will support both of these special places.


So the week beginning January 30th, the two of us will be doing EVERY class (that’s 38 classes over five and a half days) on the Lifestyle Fitness Gym’s timetable…




So won’t get a lot of writing work done that week, but I do think this is something we will enjoy… but it will be tough. I manage about three classes some days, I am used to about ten classes a week and a couple of PT sessions so I am relatively fit, but this will be a challenge. On the plus side, I can eat lots of carbs that week!

So, if any of you out there would like to support us then here is the JustGiving Page. No obligation, I know myself it’s a hard time of year for pennies, but if you can then please do offer your support. It will be greatly appreciated ❤


Raymond Baxter & Debz Hobbs-Wyatt are on a mission!

Thanks folks!



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