That time of year

Last week posts on Facebook and blogs were full of looking forward to 2017, ringing with optimism and resolutions. The irony of the term ‘resolution’ is it implies,  in a more literary sense, a solution, an ending of a story and yet it marks the beginning. Of course, it means resolving to do something; and yet only 5% of us see it through.

I pride myself on being a ‘doer’; if I resolve to do something then I do it. Hence I did not need to decide to work harder or submit more, although I am making efforts to make 2017 the year of good news with regards to novels, but that is simply carrying on much as I was before!

I did not have to resolve to drastic dieting or gym membership; I will continue to go to the gym five times a week, I will step up my classes again as well as Personal Training, and I have set a challenge for one week soon (for Haven Hospices UK) to do all 38 classes on the timetable with a fellow gym member… JustGiving page to be set up soon. But this is not a drastic change to lifestyle, just stepping it up, I might lose a few more lbs now and see if I can work on muscle definition, but that is it. No drastic plans that sadly so often fail. But why do they fail?

Because we are a nation of ‘good intention’ that we mean when we say it, but we don’t see it through with the conviction we need. It’s hard work and it’s too easy to make excuses. All you’re doing when you do that, is cheating yourself. So why not take a leaf out of my book; it’s a philosophy that has worked for my whole life. If I want it I will work my socks off to make it happen: no matter what. When it gets tough, be that having to cycle to the gym in the pouring rain for a spin class (spot the irony) and a circuit class … oh and why not throw in a kettlebell class (as I will be doing Monday morning on my birthday… well not so sure I can predict it will be raining but it was yesterday!)… it can be hard but I will do it: no matter what. Of course, it would be nice to stay in bed in the warm eating toast. But if you want it you do it, you make it part of your lifestyle.

The same applies to writing goals. There is always something else to do, or it doesn’t always flow and you have to deal with rejection… but if you want it that much you will make it a way of life and once you do that… you will succeed.

So as January moves on and resolutions start to fail remember this post and ask yourself if what you want you really want and not a fad — or if you want to make it a lifestyle change, not just a January one.

Be strong. Believe. You can do it.



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