Talking to Writers

I’ve been doing a fair amount of mentoring for Cornerstones just recently. This is amongst the many novel edits and some short stories to edit today for a private client. It’s great getting to speak to fellow writers as we talk all things writing as well as about their own work. Sometimes I am amazed how far I seem to have come on my own writer’s journey and that I am trusted like this to help them develop. It’s a great honour to work with writers and to be a part of their own success stories.

Writing does not have to be an isolated journey; this is one thing I learned over the years and is the very reason I set up Canvey Writers.

It seems that life is full of many examples of ‘paying it forward’. I referenced this film in my latest short story and then saw it referenced again in the novel edit I finished yesterday. And so apt perhaps that I will blog about it. A dear writer friend did this for me; helped me attend an event I could not afford — a friend I know only through writing, someone I have never met. I said, when he refused to accept the money back later, that I should do it for someone else. And I will.

I was helped so much by Gill James, at a very difficult point in my life, still grieving, she set me on the path that has led to this point in my life. She believed in my work. She encouraged me to join the writing group I later ran and that saved me through the many friendships it brought. She gave me my first publishing success, my first publishing job (Bridge House and later CafeLit) encouraged me to do my MA and was one of the first people I told when my novel was accepted for publication. I hope, in some small part, I am doing some of those things for the writers I work with and who I know through Canvey Writers. Paying it forward?

Be kind. Be encouraging. Be supportive.

You get one life — well one you know about, right? You are here now. So make it count.

Happy Thursday.



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