Talent? Genes?

I was editing a book for a very talented person recently and he made me think about something… how much is talent learning and never giving up and how much is inherent? That old nature-nurture conundrum.

I find this interesting because I think for most there is some talent or leaning towards, so the genes must play some part — but I think it’s 90% hard work and tenacity. What do you think?

In our family, Mum writes poems from time to time and even had one published in a collection. My dad is a super talented artist who used to work for Disney and then was art editor for the 2000 AD comic and did a few of the Judge Dredd covers Colin Wyatt. Oh and he co-created The Poddington Peas… remember them? (If you do you will no doubt be humming the theme song at this point).

And my brother Justin Wyatt, and the real reason for this post, who celebrates his birthday (!) today inherited (or so we say) Dad’s super talent and also works as an artist.

I would like to encourage you to look at this Facebook Page… he does the artwork for Seaquest books…


See on Amazon!

Both Dad and Justin have also drawn some of the covers for Bridge House too.

So is talent learned or inherited?

Well, I can tell you one thing, I can’t draw to save my life but Dad does write so maybe?

Happy Birthday Justin!


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