Seasons bring change

I remember quite a few years ago spending three months out in the states. Most of that was with my lovely friends in LA. During the day it was sunny and I was often sat reading or walking miles along Ventura Boulevard taking in coffee shops and finding myself in the mall. It felt like summer. But as the nights drew in I had that wonderful sense of autumn but without the changing colours. There were a few fallen leaves and a hint of a chill when darkness came early, but not a true seasonal change. I had heard ex pats talk about missing changing seasons and I have to say that experience made me understand what they meant.

I like the changing seasons, I like the way those dark nights feel, just as I like the changes that spring heralds after too many dark nights.

There is something magical about the way the seasons change and what that does to the psyche. I love this time of year in particular.

I often try to capture that in my writing, I think we call connect to those feelings, that sense of time passing and yet a constancy to that change at the same time, know what I mean?

Enjoy the feeling.

Writing Prompt anyone?

Writing prompt anyone?


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