Writing with gusto

I have to admit it’s been a while since I wrote with that all-consuming where did the time go gusto. I was busy writing yesterday and so didn’t get to blog so I guess you could say the time ran away with itself… but lately with so many things happening and little or no feedback on the novels I do feel as if I need to get back to that feeling. I think a new routine is definitely needed to keep me going, in much the same way I have a new routine with the gym.

I am putting in place the changes I need to get that gusto back; it’s quite normal of course and I still write every day but sometimes we need something extra to really kick-start those creative motors. We can feel as if we go off the boil a little and that’s kind of where I am in terms of passion. But I feel those old stirrings as I make some plans to move ahead.

Change is needed and change is coming.

Also some news for those who follow my Paws n Claws site. I can’t afford to keep the domain name for my small press as  all profits were for charity but they keep putting the price of the domain name up. So I am now migrating Paws n Claws to a page on my other writing website and closing the associated email address. I will let everyone know later this week if this affects any of you. I do have plans at some point to do more books with Paws n Claws but time does not permit it at the moment.

Anyway onwards and upwards…


Have a great day everyone!


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