Keep going…

While I am always a happy and positive person, there are times when I feel the need to slow down and chill out and I feel that right now! I was thinking the other day how really since I started working for myself all I seem to do is work. So it is great I now have a social life as well but I also feel as if this pulls me in lots of directions. So yesterday was about refocus. I made myself a new plan so I can fit everything in and spend less time out at the gym in the mornings — more time writing and working. A rejig of priorities.

Yesterday I was so tired I had to get up later and decided not to blog, but here I am today as usual and ready to get into it.

Focus is key.

I am a passionate person and so it is all or nothing with me. I use this approach in all aspects of my life, but sometimes being like that about everything is tiring for me, let alone the people around me! But somethings are just part of who we are and I am that kind of person. I juggle a million things at once, I don’t sit still, my mind is like always on overdrive. Maybe I need a little more of that yoga to find my balance…

Maybe we all could do that from time to time… right?

Find your balance


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