Finding the Balance

After the gym this morning, and enticing as it is in the new gym I have to try to prise myself away from doing as many classes (!) I will be lunching with Mum before I work this afternoon, a bit of bonding time that I feel we need 🙂

I do have a lot of work and I am trying to meet deadlines, but I also think if you don’t find the time for one another, friends, loved ones, nearest and dearest, life has a way of running away with itself and chasing deadlines doesn’t allow you stand back and live in the moment. So. Do. It.

Today, take the time to live in the moment. That is all. Simple message.

Be present... be aware of your breathing... be grateful



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One response to “Finding the Balance

  1. I agree, Debz. Popped in to take dad a paper this morning, and spent some time with him and mum. They like to see a friendly face, even if it’s only my mug. And it makes my day richer for having seeing them as well. xx

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