My Lovely Life

We create our own happiness. We create our own dreams and so we create our own destiny.

I think this more and more now. When I look back at when I started writing seriously I felt the universe start to shift. Sure it wasn’t like the movement of tectonic plates and there was no rumble like that of thunder, but I felt it anyhow. To others, it was a moment that was indiscernible, but for me — it was there. It was the buzz inside, the constant sense of excitement, of knowing I was on the right path. I felt it in the way I walked, in how I held my head, in how I spoke to others. I would say it was like an inner confidence; a feeling that I had finally, after many years, returned home. ❤ I had found my way back to the path I knew I was one day destined for, I just needed some life to happen to me in between. Those stories I wrote as a child did well, even won me the odd competition, but I had yet to live, to know, to be able to do it. Now I can, but we never stop learning and growing and developing. We must all be humble and accept that nothing in perfect.

Sure we create this happiness but many many things happen to us along life’s path. We can’t always win, we can’t always be happy. Sad terrible things happen all the time in the world around us and sometimes they will break through that protective bubble we create for our lives and our families. Sometimes they will plunge us into turmoil and sadness, but even that we can emerge triumphant from… after we deal with it and heal. For most of the time, for most of the people, and this is where I can not express my gratitude enough for the life I have, the parents I have and that I live where I do, things are okay.  More than okay… beautiful ❤

We spend so long seeking happiness in things, in people, in places… but truly it is within ourselves. We just have to learn to tap into that, to reconnect with what we truly want, and find a way to make that a reality. I know we need to pay the bills and we need to do things for others and sometimes our own happiness is sacrificed… but don’t let that happen. It’s not selfish to make changes that are about being happy. There are ways to do what you love every day and sometimes that small to others imperceptible step will make a HUGE difference. Why can’t you do what you love? Sure, it’s hard work building a dream, but think of how happy you will be. If you’re happy, so will those around you. It’s infectious. ❤

Go on, what are you waiting for?

Dream it and it will be


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