Write to feel Right

What with everything else that’s been going on in my life lately, I have had less time to write in the mornings, and somehow that stops me feeling right. I am sure you all know where I am coming from. This week work is pushing me to edit in the mornings and so some of the writing is being pushed until later if at all and I get techy! But from next week my new routine will be back into full swing and I can not not write!

I remember when I first said those words: I write therefore I am and even in another job at the time I told people I am a writer. I made the switch inside my brain and as soon as I did everything else fell into place. It was a truly empowering feeling. If you write and you wish to be successful there is no other way than to write every day, or every week day in my case but to establish a routine — and to show up at your desk to write, no matter what. I need to remind myself of this simple thing as I start a new chapter of  my life next week and hopefully, very soon, all the other pieces will fall into place for our new home to follow in the next few months.

Writing is a passion; it’s a way of connecting all the dots; it’s a way of making sense of the senseless. It’s when I feel most at one inside my own skin. So when life tugs and pulls me in other directions it can be hard, it can be a challenge. All I ever used to want to do was write and now I find I want also to make the time for other things: to live my life, right? So I also realise that those forces are part of reshaping; of changing the patterns of our lives and sometimes we need to listen because from that change can come wonderful things.

Do what you love, every day. Listen to your intuition… but whatever you do, feel it in the heart — because that way you will always be happy.

That is all. Have a wonderful Wednesday everyone!

Make Space for your Future




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3 responses to “Write to feel Right

  1. Glad to have you back on track, Debz. I felt a hole opening up in my writing world. I know where you’re coming from though. What with the house and garden taking up three months out of this year l’ve finally got my bum back on my seat and head down. Keep on writing and smiling. The future is looking amazing!

  2. Good to hear from you again, Debz! I have also taken time away from writing because I’ve been distracted with the children during school summer holidays. Looking forward to resuming my project work when school term starts next week. The good thing is, I have soaked up plenty of inspiration on my summer adventures, as I am sure you have! 🙂

  3. Ironically i have had weeks of uninterrupted time and cleared space to show ip. Its been lovely and i have been happy. Bt im back at my teacher and lecturer desk from tomorrow. Boom! Game over!

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