Out with the old… make fitness a lifestyle

Well, that day has come. It’s the final day at my lovely old gym. It is in a converted house and has been a wonderful place to discover that going to the gym can not only be fun but can be life-changing. I never thought I would feel that way about a gym. And the people who run it are just the best people. What I lost in inches I gained in friends… ten fold.

I have a talked about it before and yes I know it’s a writing blog but it’s also about life, what inspires us and what makes us who we are. With a sedentary lifestyle in front of the computer, it became more important than ever for me to join a gym and that was part of my move back here.

So it’s my last class this morning in the old gym but on to better and bigger things and they have been working tirelessly to create something wonderful.

Look at this! LINK

If you are local and would like to come along there is a free open day tomorrow and the following day (Friday and Saturday 26th and 27th August) and I can’t wait!


Open days


I like that the new gym will be called Lifestyle Fitness because I do know that fitness, like any positive habit, and that includes writing, has to be a daily habit, a lifestyle choice, not something you can dip into from time to time. Really, how many fitness splurges and fads and diets have we all been on? There is nothing to be gained from doing something like that short-term. What is the point of detox and intensive workouts for a month if you are going to go back to the habits that made you need the gym in the first place? It undoes all that effort, right? Yo-yoing is unhealthy. And that is why I made a commitment to myself to join a gym, to go every week day (unless s sick, injured, on hols or the gym is closed) and to make it part of my lifestyle. And that’s exactly what I did. Next month that will be two years.

And hey, if I can do it, anyone can — trust me.

With anything, we want in life (and health has to be a priority right?) — but in your writing too —  if you’re serious and you want to achieve your dream, you have to make the process a continual daily habit. You have to get up every day and you have to do it, whether you feel like it or not… and do it for yourself. You find the time, you make the time. That is why I get up at 5 am to write so I can spend my two hours a day at the gym.

This is the press release I wrote (well it’s adapted from something I wrote) about Dave Rowe and how he came to run this gym. Everything is a story and one day I might be writing a novel set in a gym, who knows!

New Gym Echo August 2016


So whatever you want from life, to be a successful writer, to run a marathon, to win gold… make it a daily habit and a lifestyle choice.

I will not be blogging tomorrow (open day fun!) and we have a bank hols here on Monday when I will have been with the man (who I met at this very gym!) a whole year ❤ ❤ ❤ so you see, it really did change my life… so I wish you a truly wonderful weekend and I will be back Tuesday!


Me spinningWho is this mad person?

We raised a staggering £3500 on that charity spinathon event! See… way more than just a gym!




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