Let it go

Let go of negative thoughts.

Let go of fear.

Let go of the things and the people that stop you from being you.

Show others how to let go of their fears. ‘Come with me’ tell them.

Barriers are mostly built far higher than they really are because of FEAR.

I never see barriers as solid; just things that are a little harder to see around or get through.

But get through you will.

I was reading The Secret again this morning and it reminded me that we are our thoughts. The more we think about something the more we create that. So when we focus on the things we don’t want, we give them the power to be. When we dwell on the negative, guess what? We attract the negative. My shift in mindset to success and happiness came some time ago and it has lead me along this path. I had a conversation (sadly a heated one) yesterday with someone in my family who claims I am unrealistic and constantly reminds me of all the negative things that ‘could’ happen. It’s a battle of mindsets because we are all so conditioned to that way of thinking. But I could show that person how to think differently and be happy. I am not unrealistic, I still worry about the things not happening as I want them; and then I close my eyes and think about how that is only attracting the bad thing and I change my mindset. It’s important we do this; change our thinking and see the good things happening; think about the good things happening and only think about the good things happening; because guess what? THEY WILL.

It’s tiring to have so much positive energy and then find how other people’s negative energy is trying to counterbalance yours. No. This is me and this is who I have become. I know life is tough and I know we don’t always get the things we want when we want them; but better to think in happy positive ways… better to believe… because guess what? Then… then is when your dreams might actually come true. No, they WILL come true ❤ ❤ ❤

We are our thoughts.


That is all.


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