Editors of our own destiny…

I am interested in people’s days and how they structure their routines. I am a great believer in routine, and sometimes to the point that I act like a control freak. A creature of habit in so many ways and yet I also then feel the need sometimes for change.

The old adage that ‘a change is as good as a rest’ I believe in. If you feel blocked; if you feel as if things are not quite moving in the direction you want them to, something as simple as changing the position of your desk, having another outlook, can make a difference to your productivity 🙂 I can’t quite do that for space here but I have found a chair moved into the corner is a truly wonderful space to sit and read. It looks out over the garden and so I have decided that since I need to make more time to read at the moment, that will be where I do it. Bliss ❤

The routine I established when I first moved here has changed, as it must, we are all a work in progress, we all need to edit our lives from time to time. I will say that again:

‘we all need to edit our lives from time to time’

I find it harder these days to be up and working at 6 am or earlier, even though I know I need to. My body is tired. So I am listening to it and I am giving myself permission to accept that; it’s okay, rather than beat myself up about it.

Later this week we have the open day for the gym and wow what a gym it will be. I can no longer walk to the next street to get there but will be cycling 10/15 mins and I do see great things coming from that place; for me, for the man and his work, for the wonderful people whose vision is now coming true. Wow.

Do good and it will come back to you.

I try to be as good as I can be in every way but, like everything, there is room for improvement. So take time out to tweak your own life. Think about what you need, imagine it and make it happen.

Make. It. Happen.

I am making a list right now of the things changing (some things we can’t control but act as if you can and see what happens, you might be amazed!) and the things I still want to change and by doing so I am creating the life I LOVE. Are you?

I do it every day and now with so many changes afoot I am reminding myself how exciting that all is and picture the way I want my life to be.

This will be an exciting week and I can feel the buzz in my fingertips as I write this!

What about you?

Love what youdo 2


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