The difference a year makes…

This time last year I was gearing up for a short break away in the beautiful Devon countryside for a writer’s retreat with some lovely friends. I remember sitting on the swings looking out over the fields during that week, iPod playing and thinking about life and love (as I had just started a communication and been invited on a ‘date’ for the first time in over a decade ). I had been living back at the folks for almost a year (well a month shy of) and so life had already changed and it was about to change again.


Debz n Gill (partners in crime at Bridge House!)

Debz n Gill (partners in crime at Bridge House Publishing at Retreats for You, August 2015!) I look crazy! Maybe because I am 🙂 

❤ ❤ ❤

I had a wonderful break and I still think about that place. Sadly that has all changed too as Bob, the partner of Debbie who ran it, passed away suddenly and I do hope Retreats for You finds someone to take it over. I would love to go back there; even take the man as I remember her saying she did yoga and does anyone do it that could lead a session! It’s just a restful place. So sad and my heart goes out to her.

Although I came back from Wales less than two weeks ago  (and a lovely week away it was too)  I feel the need for a proper relaxing holiday rather than just one in my own house. I feel as if I need to somehow recharge my batteries. I think we all need this once in a while as for me it’s like I really never just stop. I am always on the go, but with life feeling a little poised right now I worry about selling the house, getting my next novel published… just things. Nothing that won’t happen I am sure, but it feels as if I am truly ready for that next part and life is saying (as it has done many times before) wait. Just wait. Good things come from patience.

And so I am waiting.

❤ ❤ ❤

The doors close to our gym a week from today when we move into our shiny new home and so I will be cycling to the new gym for a while. That’s an exciting change, the beginning I hope of the changes I see now for the future. I guess patience really is a gift we must all learn from because nothing comes without perseverance and dedication. I am telling myself that it’s okay to be tired, to need a break, to want things to happen sooner, right? And reflecting a year on I can not believe how much has happened personally more than professionally. For a long time, it was just about me and my writing and anything that came close to interrupting that I  removed from my life (oh how brash I sound, but I mean things that stopped me doing what I love, I don’t mean murder! Or do I?)… but love, well that’s different. We all need that. I just didn’t think I did! It seems to have come along and thrown everything in different directions… and how wonderful that feels!!!

Life is complex and life changes but change (as I have said many times on here) is life, and we must embrace it, in whatever form it takes.

Bring it on.

Something specialYES. OH YES.

Tomorrow I have a very special guest author In the Spotlight… be ready 🙂

Happy Thursday folks!


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