Be happy and never stop believing

You might groan, or perhaps indulge me by stifling a small polite groan when I come into my writing Blog and talk about other things, about the gym or my life but the general message is the same no matter what. And that’s you have to keep going if you want to achieve your dream. I give talks about my writing and that message comes across (or I hope) loud and clear. When I depart this world that has to be my epitaph: I never gave up.

Once again I see friends who have strived for publishing success alongside me for years, finally achieving their dream. I had the pleasure of attending Julie-Ann’s launch last week and she ends her Blog tour right here tomorrow when she will be walking Into The Spotlight. Another lovely client of mine also now has her first novel out there and she has agreed to come on here. And another writing friend who we published at Bridge House and had several novels published has finally seen signed by an agent. People… it happens. But the message has to be: NEVER GIVE UP.

So you might need to stifle the groan soon when I tell you how this philosophy of mine has always been inside me, but was nurtured when I was surrounded by positive people. To have that mindset; that sense of self-belief even when the chips are down, you have to get the strength from somewhere.People, good friends made all the difference and so did music. I am going to leave you with the message I had on my wall for years, and it came from (this is where the groan might slip out) Barry Manilow. Yeah I said it… but listen up folks, no matter your dream, take heed of this sound advice:


Barry quote never give up


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