Filling Spaces.

I had a busy weekend planning new spaces 🙂 That said, the man has come down with the lurgy (horrendous) which did rather put a dampener on it, but… onwards we march and Phase 1 of our new life is complete. The car.

We now have the new (well new for us) shiny silver beautiful car.  We go to Wales on Saturday for a week, so will now be in the new car and it should be when I finally say goodbye to that part of my life. No date for completion of the house sale as yet but soon I hope (praying for no glitches).

Then we will look for a new home. Yay!

So, it’s new gym, new home, new car.

The Secret says that for change to happen we must create the space for it to work. So if you want let’s say a new car, you must ensure there is space for it in your garage. You can apply this to anything, even if you’re looking for that special someone. Show the universe you are ready for it. If you want a new life you must change things to welcome it in.

What I am really looking forward to is a new creative space. 

Yes I have worked well in my conservatory office but I feel the need to move on and into a new space, to enhance and embrace life’s change. My writing life is a little slower right now to make way for the other important and happy changes.  Life is like that sometimes. But once that is done I can invest all my energy into the writing and getting the next novel out there.

So, and wishing the man a speedy recovery today (I do feel for him, this is no man-flu), Phase 2 is underway… getting the house finally ready for its new life with its new happy people … while that final farewell might be tinged with ache… I can’t wait for the new life to fully begin.


Make space in your life for the things that matter. Every moment. Every day.


That is all.

Make Space for your Future


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