Book Launch!

I have worked with a number of clients over the years and so many of them have become friends. I pride myself on the amount of repeat business I get 🙂

One of those clients I actually met at the Hay Winter Festival a number of years ago and she was one of the people who asked for a card when I said I worked for a small publishing company. She went on to submit and we published some of her short stories over at Bridge House and CafeLit… but more than that… I saw, as an editor, various stages in the development of not just her short stories but also a couple of novels. One of these was a psychological thriller called Falling Suns.  I saw it when it was a baby and needed some development  but I always told her she had something in her writing, I saw the potential there … as well as a great drive to succeed. It was only a matter of time. But as we writers know, all that time is frustrating as the path is always paved with rejection along the way and a great deal of work and patience to hone that craft. I have met with this lovely writer a few times now and am delighted that we have become friends. So I was THRILLED and did the dance (!) when she finally got herself an agent (yay!) and shortly after a publisher (the lovely Accent Press) for her debut.

J.A Corrigan is yet more proof that if you really want something you have to work for it and never give up (and I know she  felt like it a few times — so thank God she didn’t). Last week saw the launch of her novel Falling Suns and next week I have the pleasure of having her as a guest on my blog, telling us all about the novel and the process to get to this point, inspiration for us all. But best of all… tonight I will be attending its launch in London,  a moment we have talked about so much over the years … so expect photos etc. What a feeling it is to finally have your novel out there, I remember it well 🙂

So a sneak preview, here it is on Amazon and you will also see it at airports and train stations! I never had the pleasure of that so am envious 🙂 But this girl has worked hard and deserves all the success she gets. A great read this one, highly recommended!

Take a look:

Falling Suns

Buy me

That’s all have a great Thursday everyone!


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