In the heat

Unusually, for us Brits, we find ourselves in the grips of what seemed like it would never come, summer. But I have to say that as much as I love the sunshine, I am no sun worshipper and trying to work when your office is in a conservatory is not easy! Even with the ceiling fan on it just makes it more like a fan oven. Oh for air con, oh for LA 🙂

I relocated to my garden office yesterday, under the awning, with the laptop and even that was HOT. Since it plans to be EVEN hotter today then this is the only time of the day I will be in this office, before it gets too much.

I wrote a short story set in the deep south about three significant things that happened at a given point in time. It’s called Four minutes in April. I tried to capture the heat then. I tried to capture that sense of hot air, sticky skin and trying to stay cool. Yesterday we sprayed the dog with water mist that we usually use for ironing or plants.

We can use anything, us writers, right? So try to capture the heat; think about how we feel when it’s that hot.

So have a great day in the heat, I am off to spin class and later thump boxing in this. Am I mad? Don’t answer that!  😉

In the heat


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