Thank Crunchie!

It’s been a mad busy week, is that anything new? But I am on schedule for my planned trip to the house in Wales for a holiday and to finish that chapter. We go in 2 weeks’ time and I have to finish a novel edit by Monday and then have two more to do before we go as well as some shorter reads and mentoring things. I seem to live in a permanent state of ‘catch-up’… no not ketchup, although… we all need to get in touch with our saucy side from time to time, right? 😉

So full steam ahead as usual to make room for the fun.

Later it’s nails, it was hair earlier in the week and tomorrow it’s more hair and lashes no less in prep for the gym’s summer ball. The man will be in a bow tie.  And a suit too I hope 🙂 There goes that sauce! It is so much easier for the man when I think of all the things I’ve had to buy and do! But hey, it will be a lovely night I’m sure 🙂 I know! Whoop!

So best get on with my work. My arms are aching and my back as there were only two of us in the first class yesterday so we have some intensive ‘boxing’ stuff going on which clearly uses muscles I don’t usually use! All good though 🙂 And talking of hurting in different places I suppose I better practise walking in my high heels later… and I never wear high heels but the dress demands it. Oh dear, I am definitely becoming more Essex… best indulge in something more literary to dispel the myth that you can never take the Essex out of the girl. I do have a book launch next week for the fabulous Julie-Ann Corrigan whose debut Falling Suns (I worked on an early draft of this — it’s great) came out yesterday… I have her on my blog as well so watch out for that all your psychological thriller lovers  ❤ ❤ ❤

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

Only wind!

Couldn’t resist this, saw it on FB this morning!


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