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Sorry — there was, unusually, no post yesterday as my computer did that timing out thing with the Internet so nothing would do anything! How we rely on technology these days, right?

But here I am as usual this morning. What I want to share was that we now have the list of the chosen stories for the Best of CafeLit 5 and so soon I will also be sharing more good news with the selected authors 🙂 I love that part of my job. And I am especially pleased to see some familiar names chosen. This year it was the turn of my lovely business partner, or perhaps I should say ‘partner in crime’, Dr Gill James, to select her favourites, so I could not be bribed this year 😉

Well, the sun seems to be shining as we start this wonderful new day and I am holding only positive thoughts in my head today. It’s important to look ahead and think happy thoughts, right? Off to the gym as usual this morning, after my writing, and then the man is treating me to a healthy post-workout breakfast.

This weekend we have the summer ball with all my lovely gym friends (and it will be nice to be on Mal’s arm 🙂 ) so while I so have a deadline on an edit, tomorrow I must also fit this around hair, nails etc. Oh the things you have to do for glamour. Not sure I am quite the Essex girl yet (or maybe you can never take that out of you once you are indeed that). But strictly no spray tanning going on 😉

Oh and on another note of positive news: I saw the list of the Bath Short Story Award winners yesterday. How lovely. 2013 was such an amazing year for me with my writing and I won the inaugural Bath Short Story Award with my story Learning to Fly. A very proud moment amongst a year of successes. I still stay in touch with the ladies there although I felt you could never top winning (and the first one!) so I never enter that one again.

Check out the list of names this year! Well done all the long and short listees and of course the WINNERS and RUNNERS-UP! Whoop!


So have a great day, enjoy yourself no matter the weather, how busy you are, take time to appreciate what you have… every day. Got it? (Oh, I am so bossy sometimes! In a good way Mal says, I hope so!)

Bath 2016



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