The Bearer of Good Tidings…

I have said on here before how much I love it when I get to say YES to people — especially writers.  As one myself, I have waited on news and seen my stories accepted for a number of collections. It’s a great feeling! So this weekend I got to don my editor/publisher hat and share the news with the writers we have accepted for inclusion in the 2016 Bridge House Anthology 🙂 Yay! BIG SMILEY FACE.

With a busy past few weeks, and a busy weekend, also helping people celebrate life milestones, I had to find the time to let the writers know the news and to update the Bridge House website (link below). We had chosen by the end of June deadline but with so many good ones we still had some on our ‘maybe’ piles that Gill and I had to choose from. So it took an extra week of re-reading and discussion but we got there in the end. We have a great collection, yippee!

If you sent us a story and it wasn’t chosen this time, do make sure you look at the story again, tweak if need be and re-submit to another competition or publisher. Bear in mind that while some stories are rejected because we don’t feel the writing or the story is strong enough, sometimes it’s rejected because it doesn’t quite fit the selection — so all kinds of factors come into play. We can’t offer personal feedback as we have too many for that, but I always dealt with rejection by then re-examining the work, changing if I felt it needed it and re-submitting 🙂 I have had rejected stories accepted or WIN competitions like that. So please don’t be too disheartened.

But for the ones who did make it in — very well done folks! Contracts have been sent out with acceptance emails and we have a party to plan for December! We usually launch this collection at the same time as the next Best of CafeLit, so we will be choosing those soon too!

And you know, while we have just passed the half-way point of 2016, we are now going to be in full gallop towards the 2016 Christmas celebrations (paused for scared face… no on second thoughts make that ‘excited face’ as personally that will be the party of all parties if my plans all go right!) the launch will be here before we know it!

Bridge House Link

So above is the link and please start the week passing on good wishes to all the successful writers… oh and another celebration this weekend was for Murray! WELL DONE THAT MAN!

That is all, may life’s celebrations fill your week!


Celebrate everything! It’s great to be alive!


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