On the Right Path



I will end the week with MORE positive news. More news I have been waiting for (no– not any news from my busy agent yet sadly) but on a looking forward to the future note: my lovely house in Wales has sold!!! I knew at the end of May but was waiting to make sure the survey was all okay before I shared it. While nothing is ever set in stone until that exchange date, so it will be an apprehensive time, there is no chain so hopefully it will all run smoothly and be sorted by the end of the summer. So where will my Christmas tree be this year?  


Of course, I might still be at the folks, but the hope is to find a little place here, to rent, at least initially. What with news of the new gym it seems we are full steam ahead with many great things to look forward to. Yay! Punches the air and lets some of that squeal out, slowly. Think about a balloon, softly not all at once YET!

Now what I need, really need is positive news on the novel front… or at least feedback that will let me get on with it and know it has something 🙂 Sending subliminal messages to agent… Please LOVE it... Please LOVE it... Please LOVE it...

But, if I have learned one thing it’s patience when it comes to dreams. It will come to those who wait. And work. And dream it. And above all… BELIEVE.

These are all signs we are on the right paths in our lives but it’s up to us to make things happen. This validates that I made the right decision, but, of course, this house is very symbolic for me. When we bought this house, Lee and I, in 2005, we filled it with dreams and wishes … and hopes for our future… but it wasn’t meant to be. Almost as soon as we bought it things changed and he never got to live in it 😦 Cancer is a terrible terrible thing and he was so young, too young. So  it started out as a very sad story for us. But it got better, of course it did and in the end wonderful things happened to turn life around and make it a happy little home. And now I hope the next chapter will be full of even more happiness. It will be. Trust me 🙂  Dreams come true.

 So on that note, have a wonderful weekend everyone, whatever you do — make sure you HAVE FUN!

House SOLD

Sometimes we have to close one chapter, in order for the next one to truly start…

The future is NOW. But I will never forget how it all started and I will always love Lee with all my heart. But he would want me to be happy again. This I know. It is time.

We are who we are because of what life throws at us, and when we fall, we stand up again.





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