Live in a State of Constant Excitement

I have always been and always will be driven by goals.If I don’t have something new planned or am working towards a new goal, then I feel adrift.

Yes adrift is the right word for it. I have felt that way only a couple of times in my life and it’s an unsettling feeling.

But what I have taught myself is to live for the moment right now. Of course we must learn from the past and we must look ahead (always) but rather than spending our lives waiting to be the in the place we picture in my head — a place in the future (which is never quite how we imagine it anyway) — we must cherish the ride — the now.

Well it’s all we’ve really got, isn’t it?

So that’s my Thursday message from my heart to yours:  live for now but strive for those goals and live in that cloud of excitement about what tomorrow will bring. Actually, I  seem to spend my life in a constant state of excitement, how cool is that? From the big goals of where I see myself in, say, five years’ time, to ooh what do we have for dinner? Carrot cake would be nice 😉 Truly. That’s me. Maybe I was a dog in another life! Actually dogs do really know how to live in the moment. I tend to over think things which is something else I am working on.

I have some news, some positive happy news from this current state of waiting for all kinds of things to happen, poised to let out the squeal at the back of my throat time. Wait for it. Drull roll. Our gym moves to a huge super-duper  new premises on Canvey Island on September 1st and I am so excited! This will mean more personal training work for the other half, and hopefully more work in general there, a stability we need and this will bode well for our  future plans together 🙂 Hear a bit of an excited squeal 😉

As for writing, that has stepped aside a little (only a little) while I strive to meet editing deadlines for clients, but I am doing some, how can I not? But at the moment so many other things are happening, or poised to happen I am focussing on that, letting love drive me on right now (whoop!) and then I will settle back into my routine with a fixed and determined new focus. Once I have news from my agent I hope to then be fired up again to focus primarily on the goal of having a big publisher for the next novel. A movie deal for While No One Was Watching would also be nice if the universe is listening. Of course it is. These things take time, that’s all.

So, always remember this: enjoy the ride. 

enjoy the ride

Have a great day y’all!


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