Back n Bloggin’

Monday is here again and let’s look forward to the new week. I have a ton of work lined up so looks like I will be working my butt off until the next week off at the beginning of August 🙂

Well I have had a great two weeks off dipping in and out of the office between Manilow concerts and birthday parties and charity events and I am up early (not quite as early as planned because last night was a later night than planned) but I am here and very soon I will be writing 🙂

This past weekend was one filled with charity and I have to say it felt good, especially since the weekend was filled with doom and gloom about the EU referendum, which I refuse to comment on only to say I am sick of the name-calling on social media. It goes on and on…

So this is me in pink on Saturday when a team of us from my lovely gym did the muddy race for life. My page is still open for any last minute donations if anyone would like to support me: JustGiving Link



The Muddy Buddies

The Muddy Buddies

Julie G, Kerry, Jo, Me and Sue


Finish 4

But to top the 90 min running and all kind of muddy obstacles, two of us then went to join in the gym’s charity event which was a 4-hour spinathon for three other charities!

Here I am again!

Me spinning

Looking slightly mad!

I was pooped at the end of that day but felt great at the same time!!!

Have a wonderful Monday everyone and stay focussed on the good not the doom!




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2 responses to “Back n Bloggin’


    Hello Debz Well done for your run. I wanted to make a belated donation to your chosen charity, but the link doesn’t seem to work for me, although I have used it before. Can I just put a donation through you letter box? Best withes Bob Parker

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