Give in to the Manilow Madness

After weeks of working like crazy (what’s new?) I am now winding down to a couple of slow weeks and some fun!

I have a fun-packed ‘birthday weekend’ ahead as Mum and the man share the same birthday: Saturday June 11th and Mum is 70 🙂 so we have some plans afoot. Then Sunday night I will be away for the night with the man… so no blog next Monday!

I’ll blog Tuesday next week but then I am off to see Barry Manilow (do not groan) so a couple of days in Manchester (yay!) with the best mate. I am then back for more fun the following weekend before I head off to Cardiff for more Manilow and return a couple of days later. I am on a mini-tour! Then the final show of the tour in London on Eu Referendum day!  It’s going to be crazy. So the plan is for those couple of weeks or so some sporadic blogging (reporting from Barry Land, well mentally that’s where I’ll be!)… stand back and see the follower count drop! I will be doing some work on the in-between days and some writing of course but it will be a bit of a break and one I feel I need. Time to give in to the madness! We all need some fun once in a while, right?

Usually it goes crazy with work the week before I have plans to be out of the office, but it seems to be a bit more organised now which is a big phew!

The weekend of the 25th, after my return from the madness, I have a charity day, running in mud for cancer (see my Page here: LINK and poster) and then spinning for three more charities at the gym! See the poster below! That is my crazy two weeks starting from this weekend! BRING. IT. ON.

Muddy Run



Spin Poster

I am still working on a short story this week while I await comment on Chutney by my agent and hopefully she likes it enough (prays, crosses fingers and hopes) to have me working furiously on edits. At the moment I do not feel I am not quite full steam ahead on the writing front like I normally am. That said a lot is going on and I do feel the need for a break! Bring it on.

One more week of working and blogging and then I will give into the madness. What about you?

We all need some fun once in a while!

Barry Tour

Oh yeah, and I’m ready… Lainee and Debz are going on tour!


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