Finding Time

We must always find time for the things and people we love, no matter what. If I learned anything after losing Lee it was that and I am so pleased I always did it. I had only just started out on my writing journey then and was working on my Native American novel. But since he worked shifts if he was up early I was up with him writing before I went to work. If he was on lates I was working in the evening before he came home. At weekends I was only writing when he was playing on his X-Box, so that we always made time for one another. Always.

The same is true now. I make the time for the ones I love. It has meant change for me over this part year, but as I keep saying change is good — embrace it. Seems to be my new motto.

Make the time because if you do only walk this path once, then everything has to count.

Are you with me on this one, folks?

Have a happy Thursday, whatever you do… but right now tell someone you love how you feel. Go on. Do it now.



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