To Make Us Appreciate…

Non-writerly post after getting up later since it was such as hard day yesterday! Lacey was missing and suddenly I was making flyers and calling to her over and over, posting on Missing Cat Forums. What a day of thinking the worse things since she is more an indoor cat and does not go out that much. No sound of a bell or any signs she was anywhere. We think in the end she must’ve been in someone’s shed or trapped somewhere hence more fliers after dinner asking everyone in all the adjoining streets to check.

And just like that at 8.45 last night, she came home, starving and in need of cuddles. PHEW. HUGE PHEW. TEARS.

So this morning I stayed in bed for cuddles and today finally back to normal. I did write yesterday and I did work, but in a kind of worried, increasingly getting stressed way! I even missed the gym in the morning to go looking. I gave up working about 4.30 pm.

So what did this day teach me? Well, how much we love our pets (I knew that!) but also how supportive people are as you would not believe how crazy it all went on Facebook sites with friends and strangers offering support and advice. They offered to help look, put up posters etc. Wow. I had to then tell them all she was found and what a response I got to that too! Last night made me think how this is a story in itself. Yesterday was a story and people are wonderful about missing animals. I remember last year when I was caught up in the Find Jasper appeal, the dog lost on Scarfeld Pike. It has all the emotion of a good storyline, ups and downs and then resolution and thank God this one ended happily. I think we all relate and I am always checking when I see posts on missing pets to see if it ended happily. So I am ecstatic my story did.

That is all. The cats Cagney and Lacey are reunited and life can go on being all positive and happy! Thanks for everyone’s support — there are some amazing ‘Find Lost Pets’ charities and Facebook Pages etc. And I will be supporting them all more than ever now.

So, after a bad day, the good has won and I can sit here and say I appreciate the lesson, so let’s move on happily… oh and the cats are grounded… for now.

When they were young, Cagney and Lacey the Cats (not the cops!)

When they were young, Cagney and Lacey the Cats (not the cops!)


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