Glow With Happiness

I know I have said it before but that’s because it’s true: happiness is not about the things you have, it’s about the experiences. Life is experience.

I spent too many years working for other people and never being truly happy and yet my whole like I was preaching that you have to be happy; that life is this wonderful gift, this exciting journey. And yet, like most of us I was longing for break time and home time and the weekend — oh and holiday. Holiday time. When I really knew I was on the right path was when the excitement of writing became this real tangible thing. When I stopped filling spare time with nothing and filled it with writing. When I only looked forward not back (and in grief there’s a lot of looking back) and I stopped living for those times away from the desk.

Slowly there was a shift towards happiness that was only subtle at first, perhaps noticed more by others in the way I was feeling or looked more confident. It was what slowly moved me out of my grief into the light. I started to tell people I am a writer and not what I did for money. I was. And then I started to work for Bridge House for nothing (still for nothing) in my spare time and that’s when the real confidence came. I was learning and had much to learn — still do, but I was finally on the right path that has led me to this point and I have never looked back.

Now I know true happiness in my work. I still want to achieve so much more but I honestly never long for break time or home time (I’m already there!) or holidays. I am just in the moment and in my happiness. Truly.

That is all; that is your Thursday message. Be happy. Make the right choices and you will know you are on the right path, you will feel it inside every cell. You will glow with it.

Thanks for listening!

Glow worm poem


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