Body and Mind

We are a whole being. Because we are whole, then the mind and the body have to be thought of as one. Getting exercise and looking after the body has a hugely positive effect on our psychological and emotional well-being. It’s not rocket science but we so often neglect this.

I think having invested in myself, in my long term and current physical health, it must have a positive effect on my output and my ability to write. If you feel good, you do good, right? I am lucky to be blessed with good health for most of the time, so I do appreciate that this is not always the case for everyone, so I do not make this remark too flippantly. But I have noticed how much more energy I have and how in general I feel great. I also belong to a ‘bonkers’ gym unlike any other and when you start the day with music and energy and we’re all happy then you can’t go wrong.

So just a simple message to say take care of you… and the rest will follow!

Have a healthy and happy Wednesday. First I will write. Then I will spin!

Healthy Body Healthy Mind


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