Where Nothing Else Matters

Writing does not have to be a lonely journey.

That’s why groups and support is vital.

When we work for a long time on something we start to see it differently from other people and it isn’t always easy to be objective.

We might know what we want to say but that does not always come across. This is why I urge you all to think about critiquing, be it from someone like me or a big organisation like Cornerstones. I’ve just completed a ms for them and have three people I am currently mentoring with short stories. That feedback; that one to one time — is essential. And I need it too. We all do.


In fact, I have some things to think about re the ‘Chutney’ novel after some initial feedback from my agent on the first chapters and she wants to look at the story arc; how it plots out. I am so receptive to feedback because it’s how we shape our stories into something special. We cannot always work in isolation and we must be receptive to advice. Can’t wait to get cracking. Dotty can wait  while I go back and revisit my old friends on the allotment — who have a mention in Dotty as it happens.

So now I can revisit a place I came to love and see if what I thought they were up to that was working, really is. See if the distance from it shows up what needs addressing. I can’t wait to crawl into that space again where nothing else matters; just a girl and her keyboard tap tap tapping away. And some carrots to grow! Let’s carve out some magic. Or try to 🙂

Don’t see editing as a chore, see it as the vital part of process that it is — a chance to revisit old friends…

Have a good Wednesday… whoever you visit, whatever you grow…



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