Be Spontaneous!

I had a busy few weeks marching on with pressing deadlines for edits and getting to grips with the new novel and I realised as I sat here last night that I rarely get to be spontaneous these days. So when my man texted to say his client has cancelled I said: well let’s go out then. He is not really a spontaneous person but I am, or I used to be.

In a world of deadlines and responsibility, that’s me ticking off all the things on my lists (just written my one for today); up blogging, writing, then gym, writing, finishing a report for Cornerstones, Skype consult with a client scheduled for 3pm, it’s all sensible. The man is in London today so I can work all the way through… and I thought, where did my spontaneous side go?

I used to sit and work in my house in Wales on lovely sunny evenings and think… if only someone, anyone, would appear and say “Hey, I’m taking you out” and five minutes later I’d be sat outside a pub sipping wine how great would that be? SO: he says, well, tired Babe, you know… and I say no, take me out! Dare you! And then he says where? And I say a local pub, we could walk there, and look into one another’s eyes and… And he says let’s go further, let’s to Leigh then  and… I say, yeah. Let’s! And the upshot: I’ll be there in five minutes.

Now this might not sound all that exciting to you, but it was an impromptu evening and that made it one of the best, because sometimes it’s better not to plan, just to do. And you know writing can be like that too!

So we got to talking about what is the most spontaneous thing you have ever done? And for me it was booking to go to New York to see Bon Jovi (TWICE this happened a couple of years apart) and like booking it three days before I went! I said if I had more money and was comfortable it wouldn’t be about having lots of ‘things’. I am not impressed by designer names (they’re overpriced), or flash cars or fancy houses. A small cottage with a room to write and a spare bedroom for friends as well as a safe place for the dog and cats… but to do things spur of the moment, now that excites me. Instead of having to save, to say “Hey let’s go to LA tomorrow” and to be able to do it! The only way I was able to go to New York like that was when I had redundancy the first time and a friend’s redundancy the second time who loaned me some of the money.

You see, this is my feeling about life. It’s short. Nothing is guaranteed — so make yourself HAPPY. Live it. Let the worries go. Be more dog! Live in the moment, for the moment… every moment.

You can’t take the things with you, so make memories and that way you live your life, right?

So my challenge for you today is to do something spontaneous!

And that is my Friday message. It’s bank hols here Monday, so no gym, plans to do something with the man later, but the plan now is to get up and write all morning/some of the afternoon  (and some work if I have to) so there will be no blog!

See you Tuesday and have a wonderful weekend y’all!


Be spontaneous


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